The vision of Woman Warrior is to engage, equip and empower women to step into their power, purpose and authority so that they can transform their own life as well as positively transform the lives around them. By investing in women (and young girls) there’s enormous potential for positive social change.

Studies show that women reinvest up to 90 percent of their incomes back into their families, compared to just 30-40 percent by men.

According to USAID, countries where women hold at least 30 percent of political seats are more inclusive, egalitarian and democratic.

A country’s GDB increases when girl are educated.

Women coming together changes the world. We see it in the statistics that show when you educate a woman, you educate a community. When you invest in women financially, women are more likely to invest it back into their communities.  Woman Warrior is committed to actualizing the potential of women across the globe so they can positively transform their communities for the collective good.

Too often we take stands for the things we are against. My invitation is take a stand for the things that we are for and to choose being a Woman Warrior for the things that matter most to us.  Let's start within ourselves and in our homes.  Let the overflow impact our communities and beyond.  Let’s end poverty. Let’s educate children.  Let’s end abuse.  Let's fight racial inequality.   Let's create, build, collaborate, partner, bridge and work together for the collective good.   The world needs us.

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